“Your treatments were SO helpful during the “depression/edema” period while recovering from surgery. Now I am dealing with it and realize that it will be a long recovery period – AND I could not have done it without you, your counsel, the acupuncture treatments and the Chinese medicine personal prescriptions. Thank you for your help. I will definitely call when I need a tune-up!”

J. Schachter

“I began to see Sharon McDermott initially for allergies and frequent sinus infections. With acupuncture there has been significant improvement in these conditions and I have been able to reduce the use of prescription medications. I began acupuncture during the allergy season and came once weekly for several months and then every other week. Sharon also gave me Chinese herbs to build up my immune system, increase breathing and clear congestion. Acupuncture has also helped me to be calmer and deal with stress more effectively. I have an overall new awareness of the connection between body and mind. I now have a more integrated approach to my health.”

Carol R. Noble

“Acupuncture was a new type of therapy for me. Sharon McDermott professionally and with great knowledge and care has helped heal me in so many ways. The first thing she did was to alleviate pain in my knees, which were hurting going up and down the stairs. One treatment lasted for months! My chiropractor had been unable to release a tightness in my upper back, and again Sharon used a different therapy called “cupping” and released the pressure. She is constantly helping me with a weak gall bladder and liver by strengthening the appropriate pressure points.

“Sharon goes out of her way to check on new therapies and herbs to help any condition, and shows such a comforting dedication to her patients. I am very thankful for her talents.”

Ghyll S.

“The combination of Sharon’s skilled acupuncture treatment and the Chinese herbs she prescribes has had the following positive impacts on my health and well-being:

1. Total clearing up of the itching, redness and scaling resulting from a case of eczema on both calves.
2. No colds, sinus discomfort or flu experienced during the past fall/winter months.
3. A noticeable reduction in hand and back pain due to arthritis

Her patient dedication is recognized and appreciated.”

Vito S.