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The Chinese New Year goes by the lunar calendar beginning celebrations with the new moon. In 2020 new year celebrations are from January 25 and ending February 8. There are many traditional activities on each of the days in the two weeks leading up to the Lantern Festival on February 8. It is a time of celebrating the arrival of Spring and planting of new crops. As we are starting a new decade, it is also a time to reinvent one’s self with new ideas and opportunities.

The Rat has the first position in the Chinese zodiac. 2020 is considered the year of the White Metal Rat as White represents the element of Metal (Lung energy). The White Rat represents diligence, kindness, and generosity. Metal represents that of a sword or military might.The influential element of Water (Kidney energy) is given energy by Metal that can provide a calm to diplomatic situations. There may be a renewed interest by world leaders in military power, but also time to talk peace due to the Water element.

There is tremendous power of water in nature this year that may cause devastation. It is expected that there will be major flooding events caused by high tides, rising sea levels or larger than normal waves. People may experience problems with edema (water retention) in the body, but especially in the lungs or kidneys. People can recover more quickly from ailments of the lungs and kidneys because it is a Metal/Water year. The year of the rat is good for improving over all health.

Quote of the Day: “Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” Chinese proverb


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