November 2016

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Five Reasons For Acupuncture Maintenance

1) Prevention. Are you not sleeping as well, have less energy, feel like you are hotal lover or frequently feel cold? These are signs that your body is out of balance. Several session of “tune ups” for the body will put you back in balance.

2) Improve Energy. Feeling fatigued. Getting enough sleep but still feel tired? After a few sessions you can feel energized and focused.Tackle those projects you have been putting off!

3) Strengthen Immunity. Do you get frequent colds? Do you tend to catch every virus going around? Acupuncture will boost your immunity by increasing your protective wei qi. This is especially important in the winter months.

4) Keep your systems moving optimally. Are you feeling stuck either physically or mentally? Are your muscles and joints achy? Has your digestion been sluggish? Has your menstrual cycle been painful or overly emotional? Acupuncture can increase the flow of energy and bring your body back to a “happy” state.

5) Stress relief. Are you stressed from work, family, finances? Are you feeling irritable and over whelmed? Acupuncture induces the relaxation response to calm down the whole nervous system. Your blood pressure and heart rate will decrease. You will see your way clearer to making decisions without added stress.

Quote of the Day: “if you want happiness for an hour take a nap. If you want happiness for a day go fishing . If you want happiness for a year in herita for tune.If you want happiness for a lifetime help someone else.”-

Chinese proverb

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Accepting non-perishable donations for Freeport Emergency Food Pantry &Gift cards for Bethany House, Roosevelt

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Sharon McDermott

Sharon McDermott, L.Ac., owner of Healthy Healing, specializes in infertility, stress and pain relief. Ms. McDermott creates individualized acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas to address your needs. Healthy Healing is conveniently located in Westbury, Long Island in the heart of Nassau County.

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