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Notice the fluctuations in temperature, earlier sunset and cooler nights? These are all signs of transition from Summer to Fall. It is the movement from Yang (warm & energetic) to Yin (cooler & contracting). Many people end up getting a cold at this time of year. This indicates the change of weather with exposure to variations in temperature. We are more likely to be under dressed and be exposed to cold, wind humidity or dampness that can lodge in the sinuses, neck, chest and back.

In five element theory Fall is represented by the element of metal. The associated organ channels with metal are the Lung and Large Intestine. People with skin, lung and bowel disorders may see a rise in symptoms during this time of year. Autumn is also a time of letting go and not allowing our emotions to get bottled up. The emotion of grief and sadness can sometimes over take us at this time of year. I especially know this from seeing my son off to college this year! Breathing exercises, qi gong and tai chi are all helpful in maintaining a good balance of qi.

Chinese medicine can greatly help your body, mind and spirit to stay healthy through the transition of seasons. Please call your acupuncturist for a Fall tune-up.

Sharon McDermott, L.Ac.

Quote of the Month: When the winds of change blow, some people build walls, other build windmills- Chinese proverb

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Sharon McDermott

Sharon McDermott, L.Ac., owner of Healthy Healing, specializes in infertility, stress and pain relief. Ms. McDermott creates individualized acupuncture and Chinese herbal formulas to address your needs. Healthy Healing is conveniently located in Westbury, Long Island in the heart of Nassau County.

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