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Our bodies produce free radicals as byproducts of cellular reactions. To combat these reactions eat anti-oxidant foods. Antioxidant sources include foods, herbs, spices and teas. These sources reduce the effects of free radicals, also called oxidative damage or stress, which plays a major role in disease formation.

For example, free radicals can trap a low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in an artery wall and begin the formation of plaque and can damage DNA. Free radicals can change the course of what enters and leaves a cell. Any of these actions can be the start of a disease process.

How to combat the start of disease? Some vitamins are antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E. Some minerals are antioxidants, such as selenium and manganese. There are other plant compounds that act as antioxidants such as beta carotene and lycopene. Antioxidants are found primarily in plant foods. Despite numerous studies, no substantial health benefits have been demonstrated for supplemental antioxidants.

1. Consider adding these top 10 high antioxidant foods to your daily intake. These foods have the highest ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) score by weight in descending order.

Goji berries (eaten by Chinese for thousands of years), wild blueberries, dark chocolate, pecans, artichokes, elderberries, kidney beans, cranberries, blackberries & cilantro.

2. Top 10 antioxidant herb list includes:
clove, cinammon, oregano, turmeric, cocoa, cumin, parsley, basil, ginger & thyme.

For 1 & 2 point : https://draxe.com/top-10-high-antioxidant-foods/

Sharon McDermott, L.Ac.

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Sharon McDermott

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