On September 22, 2014 the Autumn Equinox or transition from Summer to Fall will be upon us. Fall is the beginning of the yin cycle when the daylight lasts less than twelve hours. We breath in the crisp air of Fall and let go of Summer’s more care free attitude. We become more introspective and look to do indoor projects.

The season of Autumn is associated with the element of Metal, which governs organization, order, communication, the mind, setting limits, and protecting boundaries. Lung is the metal organ associated with the emotion of grieving. It’s paired organ, Large Intestine is associated with the emotion of “letting go”. When the energy of Metal is blocked or imbalanced within us, our expression of grief likewise becomes imbalanced and inappropriate. Grief may become excessive and ongoing. If grief seems absent, it may be due to a person who cannot express their grief.

This is a good time to remove the old and stale objects in our lives. We can be receptive to the pure and new, giving us a new vision of who we are in our essence.

The transition from Summer to Fall is a time when the Qi is unstable. Qi cultivation exercises such tai chi or qi gong are important for increasing lung power and overall energy. If the qi becomes weak enough it can rise from the lungs to the throat causing a dry cough. If the weak qi persists the body’s defensive qi also becomes weak opening up to exterior forces such as wind, cold & damp. These forces can manifest in the body with physical symptoms such as headaches, sinus and upper respiratory infections.

Please get your Fall acupuncture tune-up! To Your Health!
Sharon McDermott, L.Ac.

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