Spring has finally come! In TCM the Wood/Liver energy is predominant in Spring as it rises upward and outward. You can observe plants rising up and out of the ground and trees budding. When the liver is working smoothly, we are emotionally and physically balanced. We are free of pain, anxiety and tension. The creation cycle or engendering cycle in five element theory begins with Wood moving to Fire then Earth to Metal and then to Water. To free up your pent up liver energy it is best to do moderate exercise for 30-40 minutes at least 3 times per week. To free the mind from all the “chatter” going on, you can do a 5 minute breathing/meditation exercise each day.

Spring is one of the times when we want to cleanse the liver and overall systems of the body. Liver-cleansing foods such as beets, carrots, burdock and bitter greens can be used in cooking or a smoothy. The sour taste is most associated with the liver and gallbladder meridians so you can add lemon, lime, grapefruit and vinegar flavors to your cooking.

For those of you that suffer with seasonal allergies, this is the time to see your acupuncturist to give a boost to your immune system. Your acupuncturist can also treat the symptoms while getting to the root of your allergies.

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