Many women believe that a menstrual cycle with cramping, distention and heavy flow is normal.  In Chinese medicine these are not normal symptoms and signals a disruption of flow of the qi & blood.

The organ related to the free flow of blood in Chinese Medicine is the Liver. If the blood does not flow smoothly there will be pain, stasis of blood (ie, endometriosis), clotting and depression. Symptoms of blood stasis include stabbing, sharp and fixed pain especially of the lower back and abdomen. There may be relief of pain after passing clots, prominent blue, varicose veins on the lower abdomen or legs and possible hemorrhoids. Another common symptom is migraine headaches before and during a menstrual cycle.

All is not lost! Acupuncture and herbs treat menstrual pain, heavy blood flow and migraines quite well.  A time frame of 3-6 months can remedy many of the problems associated with painful periods.

Please contact me today if you or someone you know are suffering unnecessarily from painful menstruation.

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