In Chinese medicine we ascribe herbs to different categories based on taste, temperature, action and channels the herbs enter. Herbs that help to modulate the immune system can be in various categories. There are two main categories of Tonify Qi and Tonify Yang that these types of herbs can be found. To further clarify, there are three channels, Lung, Spleen and Kidney that immune boosting herbs enter. Many of these herbs are considered adaptogens which help the body deal with stress and normalize functions.

When our body becomes over taxed and stressed our defensive barrier, known as our immune system starts to break down. Proper rest, food and exercise are needed to maintain a healthy immune system. The following herbs can also help to maintain integrity of our immune system.

The five herbs presented here are: 1) Ginseng, 2) Astragalus, 3) Cinnamon bark, 4) Chinese foxglove and 5) Cordyceps mushroom

1) Ginseng (Ren Shen) is an adaptogen that boosts immune system, allows the body to deal with stress, increases energy, strengthens Spleen, tonifies Stomach & Lungs.

2) Astragalus((Huang Qi) is also an adaptogen that tonifies qi & blood. It also raises yang qi, especially good for prolapsed organs.

3) Cinnamon Bark (Rou Gui) warms Kidney yang and is good for hypothyroid conditions and increases basal metabolism.

4) Rehmannia-foxglove (Shu di Huang-wine cooked) nourishes yin & blood. It is good for hyperthyroid conditions, used as an adrenal tonic and helps to stabilize autoimmune diseases.

5) Cordyceps(Dong Chong Xia Cao) a catapillar fungus that tonifies Lung & Kidney Qi & Yang. It is an adaptogen, immuno-modulator and anti-cancer.

Please contact your herbalist for more information.

Quote of the Day: “Adapt the remedy to the disease” – Chinese proverb

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