A new term has been coined, “Long Haulers” about the after affects of living with COVID19. The lingering symptoms are also called Post Viral Syndrome. Many of the long-lasting symptoms include: coughing, tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, headaches, muscle aches and diarrhea. Chronic fatigue and brain fog are two prominent symptoms of long haulers.

In TCM the body’s qi, blood, yin and yang have been so depleted that it is difficult to have normal function. The body’s qi and yang are what propel us forward and give us our energy. The body’s yin and blood provide nourishment to organ systems. Due to the inflammation of cells during COVID19, many of the body’s functions have not been restored to normal.

TCM can provide a gentle and effective way back to function with acupuncture, cupping and herbal therapy. As a case in point, I treated a man in his late 30’s who came to me for treatment after he continued to experience muscle aches, fatigue, headaches and loss of smell and taste after having COVID19. This patient was post COVID for 7 months and could not resume his normal activities. The patient had a course of 7 acupuncture and cupping treatments along with a tailored herbal formula to help increase energy, decrease pain and tonify his immune system. The patient was able to return to many of his activities without pain or headaches and overall increased energy.

If you know of a loved one who is suffering from Long Hauler’s syndrome, please reach out to me.

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