Specifically, it is the year of the water tiger in the Chinese Zodiac starting this year on February 1. The water tiger represents strength within a great deal of movement. A tiger represents power, prestige and loneliness because it does not always get along with other animals. Water tiger implies that there can be growth, creation, development as well as caution. Those born to the sign of the tiger, for example in the years 2010, 1998, 1986, 1974, 1962, 1950, value independence and have a strong sense of justice.

In Chinese medicine Tiger is the Wood element representing reaching and growing, the color green and eastwardly direction. Liver energy can easily become pent up and lead to frustration and anger. Over exertion of the liver/gallbladder energy can lead to muscle aches, eye problems, indigestion and headaches. 2022 is a time to act on one’s visions from the past 2 years of the Ox 2021 and Rat 2020.

Chinese New Year traditions always include warding off bad luck as well as cultivating good luck. Let us have hope that the COVID19 pandemic will start to wane. We can have more freedom of movement among ourselves to socialize, see loved ones, increase business and finish tasks we may have started last year.

Sharon McDermott, L.Ac., CBD

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