Unleash Your Inner Goddess

I wrote this book focusing on my experience as a birth doula, acupuncturist and herbalist treating fertility. It was my encounters with women struggling to feel empowered in the birth experience that propelled me into sharing this information with you. This book will provide you with information so that you can feel confident when making medical decisions.

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Who's Health Is It Anyway?

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I have contributed information in this book on acupuncture, herbal therapy and fertility treatment for people to have a better understanding of how Chinese medicine can help them achieve their health goals. There are other therapies discussed in this book including, massage, physical and occupational therapy, nutrition, reiki, chiropractic, yoga, hypnosis and life changing stories. As contributing Author Mary Redler says, "Sometimes you feel like a bystander when it comes to your own health. Everyone tells you what to do and it seems you have no say. Being well informed about your many choices and well prepared is the best way to feel like you're in charge."

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Embrace Your Goddess
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