Post Partum Goddess Package


No matter whether you had a vaginal or Cesarean birth, you have been through an emotionally and physically taxing experience.

You will likely have very little sleep from the time of labor or surgery to the birth of your baby. Your baby is nursing approximately every 2 hours by breast or every 3-4 hours by formula. I can provide you with referrals to post-partum doulas to help make a smooth transition to breastfeeding if you are choosing to breastfeed.

You need to fortify yourself by building back your qi and blood (ie your energy). I offer both acupuncture and herbal support to continue building qi and blood while you recover and nurse.

I provide a post-partum herbal soup decoction to make with vegetables, chicken or beef to help increase your energy and milk production. Other herbal formulas can be given to help support you while recovering.


  • Increase Vaginal or Cesarean birth recovery (emotionally, mentally and physically)
  • Fortifies your Qi and Blood (ie your energy) so you can begin nursing and caring for your baby effectively
  • Herbal Support continues building qi and blood while you recover and nurse.

Pre and Post Op acupuncture for optimizing healing and c-section recovery support:

  • Acupuncture can provide excellent support as a part of holistic pre and post-operative care as well as C-section recovery. Acupuncture has been studied extensively for its benefits in surgical settings (link to study), which can include:
  • Easing pre-op stress and anxiety
  • Reducing pain in recovery (and thereby reducing the amount of narcotic pain medication needed)
  • Supporting enhanced circulation which is vital to wound healing and tissue regeneration
  • Reducing postoperative nausea
  • Improving scar tissue and enhancing cosmetic outcomes.

A free sitz bath kit is provided to increase healing and recovery of the vaginal area, especially after an episiotomy.

A free 20 minute food consultation to provide nutritional support which is important at this time.

A free 20 minute follow up phone call or text after 5th treatment.

We can discuss what will best benefit your needs at your consultation.

Helping to care for you during your healing journey is a privilege and I am here to help you feel your very best!

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