Birth Doula

A birth doula is a woman who helps another woman labor.

Sharon is a certified birth doula from Long Island Doula Association (LIDA) since November 2019. Sharon has provided birth doula support at Winthrop Hospital in Mineola, New York. She continues to provide private doula services in Nassau County, Eastern Queens and Western Suffolk County. As an acupuncturist, Sharon can provide acupressure points to help decrease labor pains, decrease anxiety, lower blood pressure, decrease nausea and increase Mom’s birth experience. In addition, Sharon provides services for preparing and inducing labor. In addition, Sharon provides acupuncture services for a natural promotion of labor.

I became interested in becoming a doula after taking a course on using acupuncture in labor and delivery. It was suggested to become a birth doula if I wanted to complete the circle from helping women getting pregnant to birthing. In my acupuncture/herbal practice I help women with fertility, menstrual and miscarriage issues. It is very gratifying to help women achieve their goal of having a family. What pushed me into becoming a birth doula was the fact that I did not get to see the baby after Mom went into labor. From my experience, some women needed help to feel empowered throughout pregnancy and going into the birthing process. I was on a quest to get education to help women feel empowered by becoming a birth doula. I am currently certified as a birth doula through Long Island Doula Association (LIDA). I look forward to helping you stand strong in your body, mind and spirit to have a gratifying and safe birth experience.

A doula provides the following:

Emotional support

Physical movements to help with labor and

Helps advocate for Mom and Dad’s wishes for a great labor.

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“My husband and I were on the fence about needing extra support during my labor and postpartum period. Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Sharon for helping me have an empowering birth experience. During labor, she completely transformed the labor and delivery room. She made me feel calm, safe, and supported the whole time. Sharon helped me have the birth I envisioned while providing me and my husband the support we needed during this vulnerable time.”
– Aisha A.

“Sharon assisted me with the successful natural birth of my second daughter in September 2019. She collaborated well with my midwife to help me achieve my goal of having a drug free natural water birth. Although, I was not able to have a water birth due to complications during my pregnancy and during delivery, I am very grateful I was able to have a drug free natural delivery. During my labor she helped soothe contraction pain by pressing acupressure points in my sacrum which was very effective for me. She was also patient, comforting and reassuring throughout the entire birthing process. After my daughter’s birth Sharon gave me an acupuncture session and a packet of herbs for postpartum healing. She was also very resourceful with providing me lactation consultant recommendations and information when I struggled to help my daughter nurse exclusively. I was please with Sharon’s care and would use her again if I’m blessed with another pregnancy in the future.”
– Kerry C.

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