I’ve been going to Sharon McDermott at Healthy Healing for a number of years. She has treated me for a variety of ailments, aches and pains. I have definitely found relief from her treatments. She has also advised me on nutrition, how to apply heat and/or cold to injuries, and recommended several natural products. In short, Sharon has a wealth of knowledge not only in the science of acupuncture, but also in Chinese herbs and medicine and aromatherapy using essential oils. This past year I went for Facial Rejuvenation treatments. During these treatments, she also generously put in an extra couple of needles for any aches or pains I may have been complaining about at the time. With the skin treatments, while my skin tone clearly improved in a general way over time, the most dramatic results were the ones I could see immediately after the treatment. There was a glow to my face and a definite diminishing of lines and wrinkles. Not only do you get an improved appearance in your face, but it is so relaxing to lie there for 20 minutes listening to calming music. I generally fall asleep and when I awaken, I feel that I have had the most restorative sleep. As if all this wasn’t enough, Sharon finishes off the treatment with a soothing massage using essential oils followed by a jade roller. In short, I highly recommend Sharon McDermott whether for health issues or beauty related matters.

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