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I was recommended to Sharon McDermott, L.Ac. by a friend who was being treated by her for many years with much success. Initially I began treatments to regain my loss of smell and taste from contracting the COVID19 virus in January 2021. I came to Sharon in January 2022 and Sharon was honest that it may be too late. She did everything she could to get back my smell and taste including acupuncture, cupping, scent therapy and massage. Five months later I am able to smell more and taste too! She also helped me with sciatica, knots in my back and snoring. In addition, Sharon recommended a natural product instead of the hormone therapy I was on for menopausal symptoms. I would highly recommend Sharon as she is very personable and professional. I will continue returning to her when I need treatment for whatever ailments I might have.

Angela I.

I’ve been going to Sharon McDermott at Healthy Healing for a number of years. She has treated me for a variety of ailments, aches and pains. I have definitely found relief from her treatments. She has also advised me on nutrition, how to apply heat and/or cold to injuries, and recommended several natural products. In short, Sharon has a wealth of knowledge not only in the science of acupuncture, but also in Chinese herbs and medicine and aromatherapy using essential oils. This past year I went for Facial Rejuvenation treatments. During these treatments, she also generously put in an extra couple of needles for any aches or pains I may have been complaining about at the time. With the skin treatments, while my skin tone clearly improved in a general way over time, the most dramatic results were the ones I could see immediately after the treatment. There was a glow to my face and a definite diminishing of lines and wrinkles. Not only do you get an improved appearance in your face, but it is so relaxing to lie there for 20 minutes listening to calming music. I generally fall asleep and when I awaken, I feel that I have had the most restorative sleep. As if all this wasn’t enough, Sharon finishes off the treatment with a soothing massage using essential oils followed by a jade roller. In short, I highly recommend Sharon McDermott whether for health issues or beauty related matters.

Diana B
I have been treated by Sharon McDermott for over 15 years. She was recommended to me for allergy treatment as my seasonal allergies were affecting my daily life. Her intake discussion was more comprehensive than any initial doctor visit I’ve ever had. She really listened to my symptoms. What I discovered was that any physical issue I had over the ensuing years, Sharon made it better. I have been treated for everything from digestive problems to a herniated disk to a broken finger, headaches, neck pain, plantar fasciitis and anything you can imagine. She is professional at all times and her office is always a relaxing place to visit. Feeling calm after her treatment is a happy byproduct of her treatment. She also is a licensed herbalist and customizes them to treat one’s problems.

I would highly recommend Sharon McDermott to people seeking a reliable and excellent acupuncturist.
Bobbie L


After forty years working at sea my hips and back are worn. I have had acupuncture treatments in the past and have been very disappointed. A friend suggested I see Sharon McDermott. She was fantastic. Now, whenever I get a sciatica attack down my leg, I go for a couple of treatments and I feel GREAT! Thanks, I can walk again.

Captain Anthony DiLernia

After two miscarriages I decided to look into acupuncture as a way to relax and increase my chances of having a healthy baby. Sharon always made me feel comfortable and explained in detail what was being done. She made me feel at ease and for me that made me confident that I was in good hands. After a year of seeing Sharon I became pregnant with twins. Also, I no longer suffer from menstrual cramps or headaches like I did in the past. I would highly recommend Sharon to all of my friends and look forward to seeing her again soon.

I Panos

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